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Gular 11 months ago
There is a great song from the musical South Pacific: You have to be carefully taught to fear and hate , in which Lt whatshisbutt (senior moment, can't recall his name)is bemoaning his life, because he is in love with the Polynesian girl Liat, but because of his straight laced puritan upbringing, he can't marry her, and certainly can't take her home to mommy.
Yozshubei 11 months ago
soehow i went to some faux family stuff once, and now pornhub recommends all the good stuff for me. my profile should look like a pervert's who faps to his own stepsister. i am not telling i don't do that, but still. i should see some cougar porno to make my profile a little bit brightr. any recommodations guys?
Maugor 11 months ago
OK that lady is ANOREXIC as fuck
Tushakar 11 months ago
ur the best bb ever seen
Brazilkree 11 months ago
Happy to hear from you

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